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Why We’re Having a Great Wednesday

Today our CEO Dan spoke on a panel about the future of fashion at TechCrunch Disrupt, where he shared our vision for a future of better, more sustainably-made textiles. The textile industry is responsible for monumentally high levels of pollution and waste; in designing new materials, we’re taking advantage of a rare opportunity to design manufacturing processes as sustainably as possible.

Dan also revealed two other groups who share our vision, including investors who contributed $50M to our Series C financing and our first publicly announced partner, Patagonia, Inc. When it comes to environmentally-friendly performance fabrics, we couldn’t ask for a more perfect partner than Patagonia.

Needless to say, the Bolt Threads team is pretty enthusiastic today.

We're jumping for joy at Bolt Threads!

We’re jumping for joy!

As mentioned in previous posts, producing Microsilk™ at a commercial scale is no easy feat, but we’re making strides towards our North Star, and we’re confident in our success. Our Series C funding and commercial partnership better equip us to bring the next generation of materials with exceptional performance properties to market.

We’ve got very ambitious goals and we’ll have more news on partnerships shortly. We’re focused and excited about bringing high performance, sustainable textiles to the world very soon!



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