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Jin-Kyung, Product Manager – A Story of Unlikely Pairings

In our previous post, we introduced the story of our beginning and our founders. The Spool will continue to showcase the stories of our many team members, from scientific researchers to apparel designers.


Jin-Kyung, Product Manager – A Story of Unlikely Pairings

Jin-Kyung being empathetic

Jin-Kyung practicing her awesome listening and analysis skills

Just as Bolt Threads blends the seemingly unrelated worlds of science and fashion, Jin-Kyung possesses an unlikely combination of talents: data analysis and empathy.

Jin-Kyung’s eclectic skills, from fermentation to knitting to data analysis, make her uniquely qualified for her role as Product Manager in Information Systems, where she plans the future of our data management software, affectionately named Charlotte.

Charlotte is our secret sauce. Its ultimate goal is to track the entire lifecycle of every project: from the natural protein inspiration, through all the experiments and manufacturing, to final product specifications. Jin-Kyung talks to people throughout the company to understand how they use Charlotte, and what features they need from the tool. These features are prioritized on the roadmap and built by the (amazing!) internal software development team.

Her journey to Bolt is as unique as her skill set. Jin-Kyung’s interest in renewable energy led her to attend graduate school at UC Davis, where she got a Master’s in Biological Systems Engineering, with a focus on converting agricultural residues to bioenergy.

When she heard about Bolt Threads, she knew it was a perfect fit. Jin-Kyung’s unexpected blend of interests was squarely aligned with Bolt’s expertise in both technology and textiles. Not only is Jin-Kyung interested in bioengineering and sustainability, but she also loves knitting, fabric, and apparel.

She puts her technical experience to good use: her hands-on experiences and relationships she built while interning help her understand our technology and the needs of Charlotte users. Jin-Kyung enjoys being the person who gets to work with the widest variety of people at Bolt.

While all of our Nuts at Bolt regularly interact with their own team, Jin-Kyung is one of the few people who get to collaborate with people on every team across the company. She appreciates understanding how people across different teams think about their data and learning the most current experimental updates, while implementing a tool that will improve our process and analyses.

“I can relate to what the user is actually feeling and how it would be used in practice.”


Jin-Kyung at knitting club

Jin-Kyung fearlessly leading knitting club

Jin-Kyung’s empathy isn’t limited to her work on Charlotte – she started Knitting Club at Bolt, where she teaches novices to knit and creates a space for people to share their knitting projects. In fact, she hopes to run an educational farm that teaches sustainable practices, including raising sheep, and plenty of knitting.

Neither Charlotte nor Bolt Threads could exist without the dedication of Jin-Kyung and her peers. To find out the latest big developments she’s been using Charlotte to track, tune in to our CEO Dan’s talk at SXSW on March 11 at 9:30 AM CT. 


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