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What we were up to in 2017

As we embark on a new year, we’re looking forward to revealing the surprises we have in store for 2018. We’ll be building on our momentum of 2017, which was a milestone year for us. 

It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, there had never been any biofabricated spider silk products commercially available. We changed that by unveiling our Microsilk™ tie at SXSW. We were overwhelmed by all your excited responses, and we knew you understood how our materials platform would change the future of fashion.

Microsilk™ ties

Our lookbook commemorated the launch of the Microsilk™ tie in style


Boltspun knit tie

Our friend and silk expert Fiorenzo Omenetto modeled the tie with panache

After that, we partnered with world-renowned designer Stella McCartney to design a modern take on the shift dress for the New York Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit Items: Is Fashion Modern? We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect design partner, as Stella McCartney’s values of sustainability are as stunning as her collections.

Bolt dress for MoMA

While the front of the dress is brilliant…

Bolt MoMA dress

… we can’t let you miss out on the elegance of the back.

We were honored to have Microsilk™ featured in her Paris Fashion Week show in the form of the brown bodysuit and parachute pant shown below. It was surreal to see our work on the runway; we can’t wait until biofabricated materials are the norm on runways everywhere.

Stella McCartney and Bolt Microsilk™

Stella McCartney and Bolt CEO Dan Widmaier show off Microsilk™ at Paris Fashion Week

Our next big announcement was the debut of the Cap of Courage we made in partnership with our friends at Best Made Company. Making the luxurious blend of Rambouillet wool and Microsilk™ took us to Wyoming, where the people of Mountain Meadow are revitalizing the American wool industry. Partnering with two such skilled organizations was an odyssey of dedication to quality. We know you appreciate our commitment to quality products, because the hats sold out in hours!

Bolt x Best Made hats

The Bolt Threads x Best Made Caps of Courage were available in a limited release of ten colorways

Bolt Threads x Best Made cap

One of the first hats out in the world!

Bolt x BMC hat in box

The packaging reminds owners just how unique their caps are

Reviewing all our 2017 releases reminds us that we had quite the industrious year at Bolt! Thanks so much for all your support, we can’t wait to celebrate more accomplishments with you in 2018.


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