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What we were up to in 2017

As we embark on a new year, we’re looking forward to revealing the surprises we have in store for 2018. We’ll be building on our momentum of 2017, which was a milestone year for us.  (more…)

Designing a BoltSpun tie: Conversations with a material

On March 10, we launched the world’s first ever human-made spider silk consumer product, a knit silk necktie. Why a tie?


Boltspun knit tie

Our friend and silk expert Fiorenzo Omenetto models the tie with panache



If you haven’t heard, we’ll be presenting special news at SXSW on March 11. The festival began in 1987 as a way for local Austin musicians and creatives to showcase their talents. So why are we appearing at a creative festival?

SXSW logo


Jin-Kyung, Product Manager – A Story of Unlikely Pairings

In our previous post, we introduced the story of our beginning and our founders. The Spool will continue to showcase the stories of our many team members, from scientific researchers to apparel designers.


Jin-Kyung, Product Manager – A Story of Unlikely Pairings

Jin-Kyung being empathetic

Jin-Kyung practicing her awesome listening and analysis skills

Just as Bolt Threads blends the seemingly unrelated worlds of science and fashion, Jin-Kyung possesses an unlikely combination of talents: data analysis and empathy.


How It All Began

Bolt Threads is a team of eighty people with robust technology nearing product release, but our path here wasn’t inevitable and we certainly didn’t get here overnight!

It all started back when our co-founders Dan, David, and Ethan met in 2009. (Cue the flashback harp sound effects.)

Bolt founders

Dan is not only a great CEO; he doubles as a sturdy armrest


Why We’re Having a Great Wednesday

Today our CEO Dan spoke on a panel about the future of fashion at TechCrunch Disrupt, where he shared our vision for a future of better, more sustainably-made textiles. The textile industry is responsible for monumentally high levels of pollution and waste; in designing new materials, we’re taking advantage of a rare opportunity to design manufacturing processes as sustainably as possible. (more…)


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